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Headquarter - Savio Firmino

About us

An outstanding residential and hospitality contract, for contemporary and classic furniture.

Savio Interiors is a brand that operates internationally and specializes in “Business to Designer” solutions, undertaking outstanding residential and hospitality contract projects

History painting Savio Interiors


Savio Firmino's experience in the service of designers

The history of Savio Interiors begins in Florence, in early 2010, but its origins lie in a glorious name associated with Italian design: Savio Firmino. This was founded in Florence in 1941 by Mr. Firmino Savio in the Oltrarno neighbourhood, near Santo Spirito.
In the early '90s, Savio Firmino moved to the industrial area of Scandicci, creating, under the artistic direction of Guido Savio, some of the most unique masterpieces of classic Italian design.

Today, Savio Firmino is internationally renowned in the field of interior design for its distinctive furniture design style, acclaimed worldwide as "Savio Firmino" style. Savio Interiors actively collaborates in the development and prototyping of Savio Firmino, from which it inherited its artistic heritage, creating a new, entirely "business to designer" service-oriented organization.


An internal team of professionals, comprising architects, designers and engineers experienced in the management of international supplies, is dedicated to the design phase and the development of contract solutions that combine sophistication and functionality, responding with tailored precision to every individual furnishing need.

The main objective is to support the customer in every phase of design and development, in order to achieve outstanding results that demonstrate attention-to-detail, elegance and sophistication, with a particular focus on comfort.

Davide Orsatti


Carmine Federico

Product Designer - Reverse Engineer

Dragana Adamov

Artist Designer

Elena Fontanelli

Assistant Architect

Elisabetta Mainardi

Product Designer (Bathroom)

Francesco Giannetti

Architect - Product Designer

Ilaria Forzoni

Product Designer (Furniture)

Roberta Caserta

3D Assistant

Sergio Bigongiari

Product Designer (Nautical - Contract)

Silvia Grasso

Architect - Interior Designer

Vitalii Iakovliev

Render Artist

Armando D'Alessandro

Graphic Designer

Matilde Bolis

Industrial Designer

Valentina Millonzi

3D Assistant


Exclusive design solutions

Over the years, Savio Interiors has acquired considerable technical and managerial experience and collaborated with famous interior designers. It is now a leading manufacturer and supplier of exclusive furniture for hotels, bars, restaurants, yachts, luxury shops, offices and private residences.