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Digital Heritage

Artistic and architectural heritage available to the virtual world. Company heritage available to the global markets.

The “Digital Heritage” project came about as a result of Savio Interiors' experience of previous collaborations with Savio Firmino, the Design Campus of the University of Florence and the Uffizi Gallery in Florence. The subsequent collaboration with the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg contributed further to the company's specialized experience in the field of rendering works of art in a virtual format.

The statues and other works stored in museums can be reproduced in 3D thanks to advanced technology systems that include the use of structured light scanners and laser scanners. Via virtual tours, visitors can learn more about the works at the touch of a finger and view detailed information, images and three-dimensional models. The goal is to provide completely innovative access to artworks and artistic and architectural treasures, offering high-tech devices to visitors at museums and galleries, which allow them to better understand and appreciate the historical and artistic heritage of the collections, through faithful scientific reconstructions. Multimedia installations allow visitors to take three-dimensional tours inside museum rooms, working environments and interior furnishings, creating enjoyable, innovative and immersive experiences.

In addition to the cultural heritage sector for the creation of digital archives of 3D works and for design and virtual view operations, the project is aimed at:

Company museums: for companies that wish to have their own historical archive for archive operations, product re-branding and re-design and foundations and institutions that deal with the training and promotion of high-end product manufacturing;

Manufacturing systems: for companies that wish to create or digitize their product range to commercially exploit digital potential.

Complex systems: for energy multinationals, hospital systems, highly complex building systems and contract systems for revamping - or to obtain 3D scans of machines, handling, moving and re-use at other sites - for presentations of complex projects through BIM (Building Information Modelling) required by current European legislation and for redesigning complex systems.